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Senior Vet Nurse– @ MRAH since August 2019

Rebecca Hogan - Senior Vet Nurse.jpg

Bec was our first Senior Nurse here at Murray River Animal Hospital. She and Leanne had the discussion that sparked the idea of the clinic we now love.

Bec is passionate about animal behaviour and is a strong advocate for animal welfare. She brought the concept of stress free handling in the veterinary clinic to MRAH, and has implemented the Stress Free Pets program that now underpins the whole clinic. Her knowledge in these areas is a real asset to our team.

Bec is committed to excellence in intensive care nursing, and pain management. Having a good understanding of behaviour and body language allows her to do this well. She is a huge advocate for force free handling of all animals, and demonstrates this well on her own pets, Lilo the Whippet, Fizzy the JRT, and Miss Wiggles the kitty cat.

Bec has experience through multiple local clinics and organisations including Wodonga Animal Hospital where she first began as a trainee in 1999; Family Vet Centre; Dr Paws in Wangaratta; Animal Progress by Dr Sally Nixon.

In addition to her experience, Bec was part of “Safe Pets Out There” (SPOT) a primary school-based program. She's also been a WIRES volunteer.

Bec has multiple qualifications under her belt which consists of her Certificate II in Animal Studies, Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing, Certificate IV Animal Behaviour and Training, Certificate as a Stress Free Professional.

This year she began work as a demonstrator for the Bachelor of Veterinary Nursing behaviour subject at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Her future goals are in educating the next generation of veterinary staff on fear free handling and training, and to complete her studies on Canine Approach and Management at the University of Sydney.

Bec enjoys spending time on the weekends with her husband and her two daughters exploring, camping, and travelling. She loves scary movies every now and then too!

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