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Soft Tissue surgery and aftercare is available on site with our Veterinary surgeons. Our team will confidently recommend and perform surgery when the signs and symptoms recommend it. We frequently remove things from tummy’s that puppies shouldn’t have eaten, stones from bladders that are causing painful urination, lumps that may be cancerous, no matter how old the pet is (provided they are well enough to handle and anaesthetic), and so many other things.

We have a collaborative approach and will discuss cases within the veterinary team, with veterinary specialists. We incorporate data from pathology and imaging before making the decision if needed.


When surgery is the answer, we explain the procedure, the diagnostic process and the expected outcome in as much detail as you need. We create a personalised estimate tailored to your pet and walk you through the details to be sure that you understand the entire process and costing prior to the procedure.
We maintain contact with you during the procedure if anything unexpected arises, and make sure you know as soon as possible when your family member is in recovery.

Post op instructions are provided so that you can continue to provide the best possible care at home during recovery.

Post op appointments are complimentary [when you follow our post op directions] to ensure we have an excellent result as often as possible.

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