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Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour consultations are available with our highly trained Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses. We also work closely with Dr Sally Nixon (Veterinary Behaviour Resident) and refer cases to her as needed.

The Murray River Animal Hospital is an accredited Stress Free Pets clinic. All our staff have completed further training and are qualified Stress Free Pets practitioners.

The pandemic has affected pets and owners, and many difficult animal behaviours are being seen as a result. We believe that most behaviour problems can be improved with some education and improved communication between pets and owners. Every pet is an individual, within a unique family set up, and we have a multifaceted approach that we can tailor to your situation to help get the best outcome for you and your pet.


Behaviour changes require patience and consistency. We believe that pets are not bad, and most behavioural problems can be improved with the right combination of treatment, patience and education.

If you have any concerns about your pet’s behaviour we recommend contacting us and together we can develop an individual plan for your pet. Please read the article: “Understanding Dog Behaviour and why we advocate for the gentle stress free approach” which is in the Behaviour section under the “Love and Learning” tab at the top of our web page.

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