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Stress Free Consultations

We employ our Stress Free training from the moment you walk into the clinic. Our intention is to have your pet in our waiting room for the shortest possible time, however while in the reception foyer, they will be welcomed with treats and pats if they would like, or you will be advised to have them wait outside or in the car if that is a more comfortable place for them.

Cats will have the opportunity for their crate to be draped in a purpose made privacy cover which is infused with friendly cat pheromones to help your cat relax and calm down after their trip.

Once in the large consulting rooms, we encourage you to allow your dog to move around the room freely and explore. We will provide various treats to help them relax.


We recommend that you open the cat's carrier to allow them to leave and explore the room when they are ready, however the pheromone infused tent remains in place so that if they prefer, they can stay inside and feel safe and comfortable before they need to be handled.


Our standard consultation time is 30 minutes. This allows plenty of time for the  pets to get comfortable before they are examined, meaning the process is often much smoother. Vets and nurses work as a team in the consultation room, allowing us to use minimal or no restraint to examine, treat and take samples from your pet with minimal stress for everyone involved. This is a very different experience when it is your first time visiting us, and it can take a while for your pet to realise that it is not going to be forcefully restrained. After a few visits though, most dogs are pulling their owners into our front door rather than putting the brakes on.

Similarly, we frequently hear that cats are so much better behaved with our slow and gentle approach than they have been in the past.

Many pets find different environments, sound and smells incredibly stressful. Despite our best attempts to make them feel calm and welcome, some of our patients still consider the vet clinic to be one of those scary and stressful places.

When dogs are too stressed they can struggle to behave normally and may panic or become terrified. When cats are beyond their threshold they often resort to violence. In using anti-anxiety medication, many dog and cats can cope with stressful events like coming to the vets. Many of our owners find this medication so helpful, that they use it for EVERY visit. When used this way, each vet visit gets easier and easier as the pet’s worry and anxiety reduces. The most significant benefit is significantly better veterinary care for your pet.



In the interests your pet’s, and our patient’s safety, please bring your dog with a collar and lead.  If you do not have a leash, we can lend you one.  If you dog doesn’t like other animals, please let us know. We have many options to help your visit go smoothly and ensure that we can keep everyone safe and comfortable.



When cats want to escape, they are extremely determined, and often successful. To avoid a disaster, please ensure your cat is brought to us in an escape proof cat carrier.  Blankets, cardboard boxes and washing baskets are no match for a cat who wants out!  Adequate carriers can be bought inexpensively, and there are some fabulous carriers that your cat may love if you are happy to spend a bit more. We can loan you a safe carrier if required (we do require a small refundable deposit).

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