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Diagnostics & Disease Management

Our vets all  have a passion for the art of veterinary science. Our team love when a difficult medical conundrum can be resolved and your pet can be treated appropriately. A diagnosis is the quickest path to a condition being well managed or ideally cured.

Our vets and nurses work as a team to ensure that you are fully informed throughout the process as decisions are made regarding diagnostic testing and initial treatments.


Estimates of costs are discussed at the beginning and throughout the treatment course. We understand that while we all want the very best treatment for our pets, we never want to cause you financial hardship.

We have a collaborative approach and will discuss cases within our veterinary team, and with world wide veterinary specialists if required.

We will also keep you involved as much as you need. Your level of involvement is up to you: from “fix my dog” to discussing each decision before performing diagnostic tests.

We highly value the achievement of diagnosis because this allows us to treat with the right medication (or surgery). Our healthy collaboration with specialists ensures we are utilising the latest information in formulating treatment plans, making medication choices and planning follow ups so that we achieve long term improvements.

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