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Director | BSc (Hons), BVSc (Hons)

Leanne has always had a strong affinity for dogs and cats and is happiest when surrounded by animals (and animal lovers!). She started her career as a research scientist in the Department of Genetics at the University of Melbourne before finding her true calling as a veterinarian. She completed her Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Honours in 1998.


Leanne’s husband (also a research scientist) was needed in America, so her vet life started with three extra sets of rigorous examinations, including the notoriously difficult California State Board Examination, to work in San Diego. Once her family started to grow, Leanne returned to Australia and managed the happy juggling of caring mother and hardworking vet for many years in Melbourne before moving to Albury-Wodonga.


Early in her career, Leanne was an ambulance driver for The Lost Dogs Home and became passionate about the skill involved with caring for fearful and aggressive pets. She also learned how to sensitively work with clients in the face of overwhelming stress. Her experiences fuelled her dream to create a hospital where pets and their owners are as stress-free as possible while being given expert care. Her dream became reality in 2019 when she opened Murray River Animal Hospital in West Wodonga.


Over the years, Leanne has also seen the huge pressures faced by the veterinary industry. She’s recruited a team who all believe in her mission to provide calm and thorough care of our clients and their pets. Her determination to provide stress-free care includes all of her staff, as well. By collaborating with her team, she’s built a working environment where staff wellbeing is treasured and protected.


As our Principal Veterinarian, Leanne is involved with everything at MRAH! Though busy with her many roles, she still consults regularly and has a particular interest in behaviour. Her approach uses the most up-to-date information to help clients and their pets manage difficult issues and reduce anxiety. Leanne loves to chat with people, and it’s what our clients love most about our warm-hearted Director.


Outside of MRAH, you’ll find Leanne enjoying time with her husband and (almost) grown-up children, walking her dog Rosie or snuggling her cat Stella. She’s a movie buff who also enjoys yoga, solving puzzles and reading.

“My all time favourite vet. With all of Leanne's experience, she still goes above and beyond and I'm forever grateful for her help with my beautiful Aja, who loved having Leanne as her vet. Leanne and her hand chosen team at Murray River Animal Hospital ensures that all of the patients have the best care possible.”

Kim H, Aja's mum

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